The German D&O market - just as with most markets internationally - has been extremely soft, offering extremely broad coverage, a number of (superfluous) extensions etc. for unhealthy premiums. As data collected by the German Insurance Association (GDV) has shown, many of the around 50 carriers in the market are running substantial losses. And as Heiner Eickhoff and Marcel Armon for DUAL rightly point out in their interview below, it could easily become worse, especially once the next economic crisis kicks in. 

One of the main drivers of D&O claims is insolvency. Liability of German D&Os is rigorous in that context, and recent court judgements defining illiquidity and the scope of liability have increased this risk further. It is time insurers, brokers and policyholders now change tack in their joint interest to make sure that D&O coverage becomes sustainable and ready for the next crisis.