Legal technology and innovation is a burgeoning area of focus for law firms and LawTech start-ups. To accelerate the development of the LawTech market, with the support of Clyde & Co and other founding partners, Barclays in partnership with The Law Society has announced the forthcoming launch of the LawTech Eagle Lab in London.

The Lab brings together all elements of the legal sector – large and small firms, academia, representative bodies, innovators – in a way no one has seen before. It's a true collaboration, the benefits of which will be multi-faceted and far reaching.

One of our key goals in the Lab is to collaborate with the LawTech start-ups and to help them gain a fuller understanding of how the legal industry works. We believe this will raise their prospects of success and contribute to positive change in the sector. We also look forward to working with the Lab's insightful and energetic partners, and the wider community of next gen legal innovators, to help cement the UK’s position at the forefront of the legal services industry for years to come. 

If you have a solution that could change/disrupt/be diffused into the legal/regulatory industries or are a group of ambitious individuals with the talent to develop a LawTech idea and the potential to grow rapidly, click the following link to register your interest in the Lab: