With Lockdown 2.0 currently in progress in the UK, the success of a COVID-19 vaccine is central to the global public health and economic recovery. Prior to delivery this the highly intertwined network of organisations must not only prepare for the logistical complexities of distribution but the potential targeting of the valuable intellectual property held at all stages in the chain, from research to manufacturing. 

Although nation state actors are rife in the current climate, as PwC have rightfully pointed out, the key actions boards and CEOS can take now are to ensure their cybersecurity, anti-fraud and anti-corruption defences and compliance programmes are as strong as they can be, and to prepare a robust response plan in the event of a successful attack. One key test businesses have successfully used in the past to reduce their vulnerability to a cyber attack and mitigate any subsequent residual risk is a cyber-fire drill, so that all areas of the businesses are prepared defensively prior to and proactively following a cyber incident. 

In the event of a cyber incident we offer a dedicated 24/7, 365 days a year global, multilingual cyber breach response line and can facilitate full access to our range of experts: +44 (0) 330 124 3590.