The Clyde & Co Fraud team has saved over £38,000 by successfully defeating a personal injury claim with a knock-out strategy.

In August 2019 the claimant was unloading wood with a colleague. The claimant said the wooden board snapped jolting his arm rupturing his bicep, allegedly leaving him with ongoing pain and weakness.

A few months into his recovery, the claimant said his arm went again for no apparent reason. There was a video of the claimant having a pre-arranged brawl a few weeks before using his arm normally to kick, punch and headlock the other individual with no difficulty and no apparent weakness.

The claimant lied in Part 18 responses confirming ongoing pain and weakness at the time of the brawl. The video showed the fighting was on the wall for this claimant; when the video was disclosed the claimant discontinued his claim.