In the next podcast of our series, members of our brain injury subject matter group, Helen Kanczes and Emma Eccles, are joined by Becky Simpson of Enable Therapy Services to discuss early case management intervention in brain injury cases from an insurer’s perspective.

Every brain injury is unique. Consequently, the recovery process looks different for everyone. What is not unique, is the ‘window of opportunity', a critical period for all traumatic brain injury patients during which an intervention will be maximally beneficial in achieving recovery. 

In the episode, we will hear from Enable Therapy services, a UK wide network of over 120 highly qualified therapists promoting the use of rehabilitation and early intervention in these very cases.

Medical literature commonly refers to a ‘golden hour’ after a brain injury, which is a period of accelerated opportunity for recovery occurring between three and 24 months post-injury when the brain is in a heightened state of plasticity. Participation in therapy has been shown to have a significant impact during this period and prompt collaboration with a specialist case management team, can help to boost a full and effective recovery. But how should insurers utilise this ‘window of opportunity’?

Providing an approved framework for injury claims within which solicitors and insurers can work together, the Rehabilitation Code aims to place the injured person at the heart of the claims process, ensuring they receive the rehabilitation they need to restore quality of life and earning capacity as soon as possible. Promoting the collaborative use of rehabilitation in the compensation process, case management implements and evaluates the services required to meet an individual’s needs, helping to promote rehabilitation in line with the code as a priority.

The case of Loughlin v Singh reinforced the responsibilities of a case manager. Alert to changing clinical and social needs, effective case management should ensure a seamless coordination of services to streamline the delivery of care alongside the Rehabilitation Code.

In our podcast, we shall explore whether insurers should be making the most of early Case Management in brain injury cases and what steps can be taken to control costs and maximise outcomes. Make sure to tune in to be a part of the discussion.