Interpol's Global Financial Crime Task Force has recently issued a worldwide alert warning governments and their procurement functions that they are being targeted by organised crime groups attempting to sell fake COVID-19 vaccines. It follows previous warnings regarding other "fake or counterfeit medical items available on the market including disposable surgical masks, hand sanitizers, antiviral and antimalarial medication, vaccines and COVID-19 test kits".

It's a highly topical reminder of the importance of managing supply chain risk and performing adequate due diligence. 

As discussed previously, supply chain risk comes in many different shapes and forms and a failure to correctly identify it could result in a company not only being exposed to the risk of business disruption, potential sanction violations, reputational damage or unintentional involvement in trade based money laundering or terrorist financing schemes - in the case of fake COVID-19 vaccines or other counterfeit medical equipment, lives could be put at risk.

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